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Health Plan Marketplace Navigator Services


Enrollment Site Schedule Effective November 1, 2018

Enrollment Site Schedule Through October 31, 2018

The Marketplace functions as an online web portal where individuals, families and businesses can shop for and obtain affordable health care. Through the Marketplace, New Yorkers are able to compare Qualified Health Plans, Medicaid and Child Health Plus options; calculate costs; select coverage; and determine what type of financial assistance may be available. Public health care programs are available for those who are eligible.

New York State Department of Health has contracted with Cayuga/Seneca Community Action Agency, Inc. and its subcontractor Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce to provide Navigator services in Cayuga and Seneca Counties to assist potential enrollees with accessing affordable care through the Marketplace, including:

  • Provide in-person assistance to those applying for health insurance coverage at the time of initial application and at annual renewal;
  • Offer information on the types of health insurance programs available through the Marketplace;
  • Provide application assistance for private and public health insurance programs and advance premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions;
  • Refer consumers to other organizations for help with grievances, complaints or questions regarding health coverage or a determination related to coverage; and
  • Supply information in a fair and impartial manner which is culturally and linguistically appropriate, and disability accessible, including for individuals with limited English proficiency.

Over a dozen base and satellite enrollment sites have been established in order to provide comprehensive service delivery throughout the rural counties. The Navigator Enrollment Site Schedule will be reviewed and revised monthly, as needed, to meet the needs of the community.

CAYUGA COUNTY INDIVIDUALS & FAMILIES: Please contact Cayuga/Seneca Community Action Agency, Inc. at 315-255-1703 to speak with a Navigator about the Health Plan Marketplace.

SENECA COUNTY INDIVIDUALS & FAMILIES: Please contact Cayuga/Seneca Community Action Agency at 315-539-5647 to speak with a Navigator about the Health Plan Marketplace.

SMALL BUSINESSES (Cayuga and Seneca Counties): Please contact the Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce at 315-252-7291 to speak with a SHOP Navigator.

PRESENTATIONS: Cayuga/Seneca Community Action Agency and the Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce are scheduling presentations on the Health Plan Marketplace throughout Cayuga and Seneca Counties. To request a presentation, or if you are hosting an event that provides an opportunity for tabling, please contact the appropriate number listed above.

For more information, visit View State Fact Sheets for Young Adults, Small Businesses, Immigrants, and more!

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