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2012-2016 Strategic Plan



The purpose of Cayuga/Seneca Community Action Agency, Inc.'s (CSCAA) Strategic Plan is to assist the Agency in establishing priorities in order to better serve the needs of the community. The Agency's Strategic Plan is flexible and practical and serves as a guide to implementing programs, evaluating the success of these programs, and making adjustments when necessary. This Plan reflects the thoughts, feelings, ideas, and goals of the Agency’s stakeholders and integrates them with the Agency’s mission, vision, and core values. The development of the plan required much probing, discussion, and examination of the views of the Agency’s leaders, customers, community partners, and other stakeholders. This plan provides a clear approach for the Agency to take in the coming years to help expand and enhance services to the low-income residents of Cayuga County and Seneca County in Central New York State.

The Plan includes three major goal statements focused on the customers, the broader community and the Agency, as follows:

Customer-Focused Goal: The Agency will assist customers to achieve self-determined growth and development.

CSCAA provides a variety of programs and services designed to meet customer and community needs. The Agency utilizes its three-year Low-Income Community Needs Assessment to help determine the need for new services, and the continued relevancy of existing services. Programs and services are added and/or modified as needed to respond to changing customer and community needs. The agency operates from a strength-based model, working with individuals to identify and enhance strengths, and to set and pursue individual goals that move toward self-sufficiency.  

Community-Focused Goal: The Agency will inspire community members to invest in improving conditions in which low-income people live.

CSCAA is committed to playing an active role in the community to raise awareness about poverty issues and to promoting effective, anti-poverty solutions. The Agency is highly regarded within the community. Staff and board members place a strong emphasis on collaboration with other community entities in order to improve conditions in which low-income people live.

Agency-Focused Goal: The Agency will provide staff and Board members with resources and expertise needed to be effective.

CSCAA is committed to internal capacity building, and to providing the financial, technological, and educational resources needed to achieve and sustain service excellence. The Agency relies on hundreds of businesses, municipalities, government agencies, organizations and individuals to help support its mission. These supporters provide resources and expertise needed for Agency staff and Board members to be effective.

Download the full plan to learn more about the objectives and strategies the Agency is implementing to achive its goals!

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